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Ministers Letter - July 2017.

Hi all,

Summer’s here -

- children breaking up from school just in time so as to not be too embarrassed by their now small uniforms,

- the wedding season in flow as children watch their parents get married,

- the constant sound of machinery filling the air as ‘gardeners’ try to keep plants, bushes and lawns from ever increasing growth

There are reminders all around us of the seasonal changes whether that’s organically or culturally, so on first reading the parable of the sower is an easy read.  But reading meditatively it severely challenges us as to what kind of soil we are and what evidence there is for our answer – and does our answer change on a different day? 

Is the limit of this parable purely the seed sown in the good soil and who makes the good soil in the first place? Soil is probably one of those ingredients that affects everything in our lives, from food, clothes, animals, fuels, property, water and air.

And if we look at this parable in the way of mission then how do we interpret fewer members sitting in a Sunday Service, what part does our soil play there – good, rocky or other?

And where on earth are we actually sowing the seeds because by my limited understanding seeds sown do sprout up somewhere even though a young plant may die back.

I once took a Harvest service in an Anglican Church. I threw lots of seed all over the place as part of an illustration (the vicar had said it was okay to do so as the carpets were all being replaced the following day – so as an illustration he’d concluded it was low risk). Members of that church subsequently told me that quite regularly they would see grass growing in obscure places and think of the harvest message.

Harvests only take place when seed has been sown in the first place, so let’s encourage each other and our congregations to get sowing for the Kingdom and leave the risk assessment to God.

Grace and Joy in all your sowing for Christ.   








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