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FEB/MAR 2018

MINISTER’S LETTER - (taken from The Avenue Church newsletter Feb 2018).

A New Year and lots of new things naturally start, such things as the diary, calendar, new term, resolutions – the list of new things goes on (and some of you may even have kept your resolutions so far, though with one estimate being that we keep resolutions for around 4-8 days, perhaps not).

New things are happening all around us, very shortly we’ll see the signs of spring and the beautiful joys of creation, though with it comes the continual up-keep of the garden.  After summer, it took me 30 seconds to come to terms with not having to ‘do’ the garden, but I’m reminded that with the pleasure of seeing new flowers, shrubs and trees, there is also the responsibility of maintaining my little patch, and I’m not looking forward to that, but it has to be done, so hey, I should just get on with it.

The same can be said in lots of areas of our lives, we want the benefits, but with the minimum of work.  Sadly, we all know that a lot of hard work takes place behind the scenes before the joys can be experienced.  We don’t always know what’s going on, but the results spring forth and remind us that something was going on and we can now benefit accordingly.  The little flowers that pop their heads above the mucky, hard soil every year to herald spring are a great example of this.  

The same is true of any organisation; a lot of work goes on behind the scenes to which we all later on receive the benefits.  Take the church as an example, lots of you do so much quiet work where we see the results, but like the flower we don’t always know what went on beforehand.  Every day the church is filled with people coming and going, which needs wardens, stewards, catering, cleaning, decorating, maintaining, greeting – the list goes on.

I therefore want to start the year by saying thank you to everyone who works in whatever way in order for The Avenue church to offer a place of welcome to everyone, whoever they are or wherever they are on their journey through life.  Without your work, the church would not be able to continue to do what it seeks to do – so thank you.

As I look in my garden and see one season going and another coming, I’m aware that I take for granted everything going on out of sight and tell myself that this year, having considered buying a spade, fork, shears and anything else I might need as I venture out there I will actually do some gardening and you’ll hopefully be able to see the results!

So, thank you too, for those considering doing some new work for the church. As you think on what it might be, be assured that the list of things to do is greater than the list of people doing the things! 

A bit like God’s love really, no matter what’s going on in our lives, he still loves us – thank you God.

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