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Neighbourhood Fellowship Groups 

As the restrictions imposed by the pandemic are now relaxed, we are establishing new ways to share Christian worship, fellowship and pastoral care for one another within the Sale Circuit of churches, in the form of Neighbourhood Fellowship Groups. These are small groups who meet regularly for informal socialising, worship, prayer and teaching, fostering and sustaining pastoral support for one another.  They are designed to help form friendships which are not exclusive but based on a confidence which allows each member to speak about their experiences, their faith and needs both within and outside the group in a relaxed and unpressured way. These will complement ways in which we already relate to one another more widely as friends – existing and new, members of a current church fellowship, house group or through pastoral care schemes.


If you would like to join one of these groups then please contact either Richard or Glayne, and they will suggest a group close to you where you can share in fellowship on a weekly basis.


Rev Richard Mottershead, 4 The Willows, Manor Avenue, Sale M33 4NA. Tel: 07771 624885. Email:

Rev Glayne Worgan, 3 Cheltenham Drive, Sale M33 2DQ. Tel: 0161 973 3955. Email:

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