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Coronavirus Announcement

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

UPDATED Thursday 26th March 2020 - 06,30

With churches no longer able to open for private prayer the nation is becoming locked down to reduce the spread of the virus.

As we're living with day to day announcements from the Government, we will only update our practises as and when appropriate to do so.

There are a number of provisions in place to ensure that we can continue to provide forms of worship, prayer and pastoral support during this time, which are outlined below:


All activities, bookings and social gatherings on Methodist premises (and in the name of the church) will be cancelled until further notice, only those areas of work deemed essential can continue and Glayne, Mabel and I touch base regularly to check what those things are.

Pastoral Care

It is important, at this time more than ever, to remember that the Church is the people and not our buildings, and we will continue to offer pastoral support to all who need and want it.

Pastoral care is being carried out by various means, in the first instance by telephone with the pastoral networks making those connections. Please don't assume that everyone is in those networks, if in doubt, give them a call or let someone else know who can follow up to make those connections. With pastoral visitors having already begun to make contact with people if there are any specific issues you have, please direct these in the first instance to the following people:

Partington – Mabel

Sale Moor - Joan

Sinderland – Anne

The Avenue – Barry

Trinity – Christine

We recognise that people will use other means of communication, such as email, WhatsApp, video calling and video conferencing, and are looking at how we can use these to enable contact and community to continue. We also encourage those of you on Facebook to follow the Sale Methodist Facebook page (www.facebook.com/SaleMethodists).

The Avenue are starting a WhatsApp group to help people stay in touch. If you would like to join please send your mobile phone number to Colin Norman (norman394@btinternet.com) even if you think he has it. Other churches may set up similar groups shortly.

Worship / Devotions

Though we cannot worship in groups, there are many opportunities for us to have private acts of worship, through daily offices, prayer manuals and online resources.

The Methodist Worship Book (the burgundy ones we use in some services) is available for you to borrow until we can meet together again. If you want one delivering, please contact Rev Glayne (0161 973 3955) or myself (07771 624 885) and we will deliver one personally.

The Sale Methodist Circuit Website (http://www.salemethodistchurches.org.uk/) has links to various resources produced by the Methodist Church and wider, as well as details of worship online and on the TV and Radio.


Throughout this period, we will be putting all key information and communications on the Sale Methodist Circuit Website (http://www.salemethodistchurches.org.uk/) so please check it regularly. If you are unable to use the website, please let Susan Jackson (Circuit Administrator) know on 0161 962 2075 so we can ensure you don’t miss anything. Churches may have their own contact networks and we are exploring how we can ensure that all the important details get out to everyone.

Easter Day Church Service

Traditionally we have our first Easter Sunday Service at 6am at Sale Water Park and whilst it looks as though we'll not be able to hold even that service in the open air we will let you know before April 11th if it can go ahead.

In Closing

This last few weeks it's been a rather strange time, but in the midst of it all let’s not lose touch with the truth we hold; that God is with us, our ever present help.

Grace and peace,



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