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Faith through the Storm

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

I remember the Great Storm of 1987 where 15 million trees were blown down and lives lost in that terrible couple of days.  It was frightening as you didn’t know what was going to be ripped up next and no matter where you hid away, you didn’t feel at all safe.  The October storm of 1987 is the one that  Michael Fish famously started his Weather Report responding to a lady caller who’d heard there was a hurricane on the way, by saying, “if you’re watching, don’t worry there isn’t”.  There was and it caught people by surprise, they were frightened.

People are feeling the same today, not because of a weather storm but because of an unseen virus that has changed all areas of the way we now live, and it’s not just in this country, all countries seem to be affected.  The world is no longer the place it was some 6 months ago.  The world is frightened.

Sometimes the storms of life can be major ones like the coronavirus and at other times they are much smaller but still have a massive impact on the people in the middle of them.  Storms change things and make us feel vulnerable and frightened where we long for the calmer days living in peace and quiet.

Jesus was in the back of a boat as he and the disciples sailed across the sea of Galilee when a storm suddenly started to engulf the boat, it was so bad that even the hardy fishermen were frightened!  In desperation the disciples woke Jesus up pleading with him to save them, he did so by calming the storm and letting them turn their attention to him.  Challenging them for not having enough faith they saw Jesus in a new way, someone who was much bigger than the storm they were currently being engulfed by.

Many of you are going through terrible storms of life at the moment, take it to God in prayer and know that the Saviour, the Lord of peace, is with you in all areas of your life.

Peace in Christ,

Rev. Richard


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