• Rev. Richard

New Years Resolution

At the start of the new year people are often found making resolutions, I’ve just heard two of them in a pub, the first where the person is trying to lose the weight and second where they’re trying not to swear. Let’s hope they succeed and feel much the better for them.

Christians all over make resolutions too, Methodists do so in the form of a Covenant with God where they ask God to help them live the way he wants us to. Part of the prayer the Christian prays each year is something like:

I’m no longer my own but yours God

May your will, not mine, be done

in all things

Wherever you may place me,

When there is work for me or none,

When I’m troubled or at peace,

When I’m valued or disregarded,

Fulfilled or lacking

When I have all things or nothing,

I willingly offer all that I have and am

To serve you in love and grace

Why not light a candle, pause as you gaze upon the light, and acknowledging Jesus saying that he was the light of the world, offer the prayer above. Take time at the start of this year to renew your covenant relationship with God. A few readings from the bible that you might find helpful are, Jeremiah 31: 31-34, Romans 12: 1-2 & John 15: 1-10.