• Rev. Richard

Thinking Through Lent

Following the Ash Wednesday service last night where people started their lent journey of repentance we have a challenge to look at all areas of our lives as we renew our faith in Christ. It’s helpful to have a guide and structure for our challenge as otherwise we just drift along and then wake up on Easter morning surprised at how quickly Lent has passed us by.

The 40 days of Lent provides us with an opportunity to look at general or specific areas of our lives that we need to address and there are many ways of doing this. In the Sale Circuit we are using the book, Thinking through Lent written by our own minister Richard Jackson as a way of guiding our thinking and reflection. The groups meet around the Sale area and are open to everyone so if you’re not already signed up to a group, get the book and attend the sessions.

The first week is all about belief, what we believe which gets us thinking why we believe it which in turn challenges us how we’re living. It was by examining ‘belief’ that the atheist C.S. Lewis converted to Christianity in 1931, he found the evidence was so compelling that Christ was the Son of God and the way to God that he couldn’t do anything other than choose to follow Jesus as a Saviour.

May this Lent period be a time where you examine yourself as you seek to grow deeper in the Christian faith.


Good Shepherd, guide us when the way is uncertain and the path overgrown, back onto higher ground  from where we might see,  behind us, the place from which you have patiently brought us, and ahead of us once more glimpse your footsteps leading forward, into which  we will try and place our own.

Faith & Worship

Bible Reading – Proverbs 16:9

We plan the way we want to live, but only God makes us able to live it.