Rooms for Hire at Partington

You can see all of the rooms available at Partington below.

For enquiries and to book a room, please contact Anne Partington on 0161 775 3376.

The Back of Church

The Back of church is a great mutlipurpose space which could host small performances, fitness groups, uniformed organisations and much more.


It has a sound system and use of the church kitchen

Seats: approx 100

Price £8 per hour

School Room

The School Room is a smaller space ideal for small group meetings, craft groups and discussion groups

It has a sound system and includes use of the church kitchen

Seats: approx 20

Price £8 per hour

The Garden

Partington Methodist Church also has a wonderful enclosed garden space with a large patio. It would be ideal for bbqs, open area performances and much more

Price on request

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