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Rooms for Hire at The Avenue

You can see all of the rooms available at The Avenue below.

For enquiries and to book a room, please contact the Avenue Church Office on 0161 973 1832 or email

The Church

The church area is octagagonal and is great for worship events, concerts, lectures and much more.

It has an organ, conservatory grand piano, sound system (with a loop system) as well as 4  TV screens for digital presentations.

Seats: 250

Price £124

(plus £46 if a Performing Right Society Licence is required)

Rehearsals in the church - 2 hours for £90


The Hall

Avenue Hall.jpg

The Hall is a large sports hall marked out for badminton. It is an ideal space for uniformed organisations or for children's parties, as it can fit a bouncy castle!

Seats: 80

Price £28 per hour

Rooms 1 and 2

Rooms 1 and 2 are a large L shaped social area which can be partitioned into two large rooms. They are carpeted and have access to the Kitchen. They are ideal for group meetings, workshops etc, as well as choirs and exercise classes.​

Seats: 80 combined, 35 each

Price £22 per hour each - £44 for both rooms

Kitchen use is £10 per hour (£20 for oven use)

Avenue Room 2.jpg

Room 3

Avenue Room 3.jpg

Room 3 is a good sized meeting room, ideal for choirs, exercise groups, craft groups and much more.

Seats: 30

Price £22 per hour

Room 4

Room 4 is ideal for young children's parties or  activities. It has an attached toilet suitable for children and is half carpeted and half lino.​

It is upstairs, but can be accessed by a lift or stairs

Seats: 35

Price £22 per hour

Avenue Room 4.jpg

Room 5

Avenue Room 5.jpg

This upstairs room is ideal for craft groups, small training sessions and discussion groups.

It is accessible by lift or stairs

Seats: 12

Price £18 per hour

Room 6

Room 6 is a small 'boardroom' style space behind the stage, ideal for small meetings.

Seats: 12

Price £18 per hour

Avenue Room 6.JPG

The Stage Room

Avenue Stage.jpg

Don't worry about treading the boards, the stage has been converted into a medium sized meeting room, ideal for group training, larger discussion groups etc.

Seats: 25

Price £10 per hour

Quiet Room

The Quiet Room (also called the vestry) is a peaceful room with settees and upright chairs. It is great for small confidential meetings, counselling sessions or prayer meetings​

Seats: 8

Price £12 per hour

Avenue Quiet Room.jpg
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