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Sale Moor Methodist Church

Northenden Road, Sale, M33 2PP

Rev Glayne Worgan

Service Times

We are open for Sunday Services at 10.45am.


Rev Glayne​ Worgan



Phone - 0161 976 2697

Sale Moor

About Sale Moor

Sale Moor Methodist Church has been a witness in the area since 1839, originally as a Primitive Methodist Church, and now as a congregation with a strong family feeling. Over the years, the building has been updated to create a set of ‘modern’ premises that is used extensively by both the Church and the local community. The premises are ‘disabled-friendly’. The Manchester and Stockport Methodist District Chair also has an office here.

The congregation is hardworking and friendly, with a heart for prayer, sharing our faith and worshipping God together. There are numerous children’s activities, plus activities for the ‘more mature’. Our activities cover every day of the week, including fellowship and Bible study groups. You will be warmly welcomed!


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