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The Avenue Methodist Church

Wincham Road, Sale, M33 4PL

Service Times

We are open for Sunday Services at 10am.


Rev Glayne Worgan


Church Office

Phone - 0161 973 1832

Rev Glayne Worgan
The Avenue

About The Avenue

The Avenue Methodist Church stands on the corner of Wincham Road and The Avenue and offers a wide range of facilities for the community to use for their well being.  Groups of all ages use the centre at all times of the day and night.


The main purpose of The Avenue is for Christians to meet weekly for prayer (Thursday morning) and worship (Sunday morning) as we believe God is at the heart of who we are and the way we live. 


There are small groups meeting in people’s homes where it’s easier to connect with others and learn how to be a follower of Jesus and what that might mean in the 21st century.  In these small groups, people can be open and honest with each other as they voice their questions, hopes or concerns.


Every year the church holds an Alpha Course which is an opportunity for those in the wider community to explore the questions we have around Christianity.  We all have preconceived ideas about what Christianity is or isn’t, an Alpha Course is a place we can ask those questions. To learn more about the Alpha course click here.


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