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Trinity Methodist Church

Trinity Road, Sale, M33 3ED

Rev Glayne Worgan

Service Times

We are open for Sunday Services at 10.45am.


Rev Glayne Worgan



Phone - 0161 969 5631


About Trinity

Trinity Methodist Church first opened for worship on Northenden Road in 1875 when the congregation from the Broad Lane Chapel, built in 1820, moved into its new premises. In 1980, the main Church building was sold and worship continued in the converted Church hall. Since then it has undergone many changes, resulting in premises that are suitable for disabled access, used by many groups from the community. 

As well as Sunday worship the Church holds a short Wednesday mid-morning Prayer and Communion service at which concerns of the world, the community and the Church are reflected on. We have modern IT resources which enable differing styles of worship. We meet throughout the week, on and off the site, for fellowship and Bible studies. A warm welcome for all!


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