We are one church in six different centres and are a place for the local community to come together.


We are a collection of six churches in and around the area of Sale, Greater Manchester. We see ourselves as one church in six locations, each serving the local community but happy to come together for the various events each church offers.

While each church provides the opportunity for people to come together on Sundays to worship, there is also currently the chance to meet for evening devotions on a Sunday at 7pm via zoom.These circuit devotions are more reflective and offer space at the end of the weekend to prepare for the week ahead.

Also in the Circuit we have The Chapel in the Fields, a unique place of creativity, spirituality, hospitality and worship.

Online Connection

We are very happy that we are once again able to join together in fellowship and worship, following the restrictions of Covid-19. Details of services and times can be found in the 'Our Churches' section of this website.

We are still worshipping together via Zoom at 7pm on a Sunday evening, and for a prayer meeting on Wednesday evenings at 7pm.

If you would like to join us, please fill the form below for the details and a guide on using Zoom.

Zoom Worship Request

Thanks for your interest in our Zoom Worship

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Offline Services

The service times for the Churches at the moment are:


The Avenue - 10.00am

Trinity - 10.45am

Sale Moor - 10.45am

Partington - 10.45am



Partington - 2pm-3.30pm


Carrington Lane

Carrington Lane Methodist Church

Ennerdale Drive, Sale, M33 5NE


Partington Methodist Church

Warburton Lane, Partington, M31 4NL

Sale Moor

Sale Moor Methodist Church

Northenden Road, Sale, M33 2PP


Sinderland Methodist Chapel

Sinderland Lane, Alrincham, WA14 5SS

The Avenue

The Avenue Methodist Church

Wincham Road, Sale, M33 4PL


Trinity Methodist Church

Trinity Road, Sale, M33 3ED


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