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Partington Methodist Church

Warburton Lane, Partington, M31 4NL

Service Times

We are open for Sunday Services at 10.45am.

We are open every Tuesday between 2pm and 3.30pm.


Rev Glayne Worgan


Mabel Nyazika

Phone - 0161 900 1985

or 07983 706486

Rev Glayne Worgan

About Partington

Partington Methodist Church is a small church in the centre of Partington village. In May 2019, we celebrated 50 years of the current building, though it’s been at the heart of the community since the 1800s.  We meet every Sunday and have various get togethers throughout the week, either in people’s homes or the Chapel itself. We pray every week for the needs as requested, so if you want prayers offered, send us a message or put something through the letterbox of Chapel and we will pray for you and your needs.  If you want to remain anonymous that’s okay, likewise if you want to be known, just make that clear on your request.


We believe a person is made up of a number of elements such as physical, mental and spiritual and though we facilitate groups within the building that help the first two we recognise our mission is to help those who want to explore the spiritual questions of life.  One of the groups that does this can be found on a Thursday afternoon at the Chapel so do feel free to join us if this is something you may want to do. We’re a friendly bunch and you might find that the questions you have are the questions we have too.


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